Welcome to the world of Migrate - an overly niche game meshing the unrelated worlds of bird memes and roguelikes.


Migrate! A game dedicated to the endearing quirkiness of birds. Guide the rambunctious, spear-wielding cockatoo Lo, young and cursed with quantum immortality. In roguelike fashion, each run is unique in environment, resources, and approach. Journey to the south pole to master colorful environments, fight or befriend all manner of creature, and bring back ancient wisdom to rescue bird society from tyranny. You'll need to use your environment to stay mobile, collect and craft items, and use active listening to complete puzzles by singing with the Duet system.


Michael Raleigh

Content Creator/Project Lead. A multimedia artist with scattered talents, Michael strives to weave an irreverant, deadpan comedic masterpiece. Found in a cereal aisle near you.


Amber watson

Website developer/Storyboard writer. Lover of Dogs, Coffee, and baked goods. (Yes, in that order)


Andrew Evans

Social Media Outreach intern. Having lived in many extremes of the world, he's confident when he says "I don't care what you put on my site bio".